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Creating this digital suite was a true team effort.

Ed Moloy and Margaret Peachy, of HLSL Historical & Special Collections, arranged and prepared two detailed finding aids for the Joseph Story Papers and the John Pitman Correspondence.

Steve Chapman, projects manager in the HLSL Digital Lab, coordinated planning and production phases for the Story and Pitman digitization projects.

Craig Smith prepared materials for digitization. Imaging technicians in Harvard Library’s Imaging Services produced digital photographs of several Joseph Story portraits in 2004. In 2012, Imaging Services digitized all manuscript items in the Suite, as well as several more Story portraits.

Lindsay Dumas, in the HLSL Digital Lab, performed quality control and tagged all manuscripts items. Working in close collaboration with Margaret and Lindsay, Andy Silva, HLSL’s Web Developer, managed the ingest of all metadata and digital objects into HLSL’s 3D system for the discovery and delivery of digital collections.

The entire project team collaborated to define the requirements for 3D, which Andy developed as others worked on the materials processing and digitization projects.

Nicholas Cochrane and Malisa Kuch of SwissFish designed and built key components of the user interface.

Karen Beck, HLSL’s Manager, Historical & Special Collections contributed to the essay describing the suite.

Tony Freyer, University Research Professor of History and Law at the University of Alabama School of Law, worked extensively with Story’s Digest of Supreme Court Cases and contributed the essay introducing it.

R. Kent Newmyer, Professor of Law and History at the University of Connecticut School of Law, read the entire Story-Pitman correspondence and contributed the explanatory essay.

We would also like to acknowledge content contributed to the suite by two additional collections at Harvard. The Harvard Fine Arts Library provided one carte-de-visite portrait of Joseph Story from their Special Collections; and the Harvard Art Museums provided an image of William Wetmore Story’s 1846 sculpture of Story from the Harvard Portrait/Clock Collections.