Additional Resources

Anacharsis (600 BCE – 501 BCE)

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Anonymous African Proverb

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St. Thomas Aquinas (1225 – March 7, 1274)

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Hannah Arendt (October 14, 1906 – December 4, 1975)

Hannah Arendt, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (

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The Origins of Totalitarianism, Wikipedia. (

The Origins of Totalitarianism: Internet Archive. (

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Saint Augustine (Augustine of Hippo) (November 13, 354 – August 28, 430)

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Bandamanna Saga (c. 1000 CE)

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John Perry Barlow (Born October 3, 1947)

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Sir William Blackstone (July 10, 1723 – February 14, 1780)

Avalon Project, Yale Law School: Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England (

Online Books, Sir William Blackstone. (


Derek Bok (Born March 22, 1930)

Derek Bok, Harvard University. (

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. ( or full report at


Simón Bolívar (July 24, 1783 – December 17, 1830)

Simón Bolívar, Wikipedia. (

Simón Bolívar on In Our Time (BBC Radio 4). (

Simón Bolívar , Excerpts from the Message to the Congress of Angostura, 1819, Fordham University Modern History Sourcebook. (ívar .asp)

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Simón Bolívar , An Address of Bolívar at the Congress of Angostura (February 15, 1919), Reprint ordered by the government of the United States of Venezuela, to commemorate the centennial of the opening of the Congress (1919) (English). (ívar 00boluoft)


Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BCE – 47 BCE)

Cicero, Wikipedia. (

Pro Cluentio, Wikipedia. (

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Marian Wright Edelman (Born June, 1939)

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Marian Wright Edelman, Children’s Defense Fund. (

Marian Wright Edelman Institute For the Study of Children, Youth and Families San Francisco State University (

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George Eliot (Marian Evans) (November 22, 1819 – December 22, 1880)

Online Books, George Eliot. (

The Literature Network on George Eliot. (

“George Eliot” according to Wikipedia. (

Download Romola at Project Gutenberg. (


Michel Foucault (October 15, 1926 – June 25, 1984)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Michel Foucault. (

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Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison. ( (

Foucault On ‘Disciplinary Society,’ Part 1 YouTube. (

Michel Foucault On ‘Disciplinary Society,’ Part 2 YouTube. (


Anatole France (April 16, 1844 – October 12, 1924)

Anatole France Biography. (

Online Books by Anatole France. (


Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 – April 17, 1790)

Online Books, Benjamin Franklin. (

Finding Franklin, A Resource Guide, Library of Congress: Finding Franklin: A Resource Guide. (

PBS: Benjamin Franklin. (

National Endowment for the Humanites: 300 Years of Benjamin Franklin. (

Benjamin Franklin, Writer and Printer: Inventing Poor Richard. (

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (October 2, 1869 – January 30, 1948)

Online Books, Mahatma Gandhi. (

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Nadine Gordimer (Born November 20, 1923), Nadine Gordimer biography, The Nobel Prize in Literature 1991. (

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Gustavo Gutierrez (Born June 8, 1928)

Liberation Theology. (

Department of Theology, Notre Dame University. (

Teologia de la liberacion (Gustavo Gutiérrez). (

Gustavo Gutiérrez, Britannica Online. (


Hillel (C. 60 BCE – 10)

Hillel the Elder, Wikipedia. (

Hillel the Elder, Jewish (

Soncino Babylonian Talmud (English), (

Online Treasury of Talmudic Manuscripts, Jewish National and University Library (Hebrew). (


Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (March 8, 1841 – March 6, 1935)

Online Books: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (

Supreme Court Historical Society, Timeline of the Justices (

PBS: Supreme Court History, Capitalism and Conflict, Biographies of the Robes. (

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Immanuel Kant (April 22, 1724 – February 12, 1804)

Online Books, Immanuel Kant. (

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Wikipedia entry, “Categorical Imperative”. (

Download the Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morality at Project Gutenberg. (


Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. (

Noble Prize Laureates. (

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site. (

Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have a Dream Speech, YouTube. (


Magna Carta of King John (A.D. 1215)

Treasures in Full: Magna Carta, British Library. (

Featured Documents: Magna Carta, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. (

Magna Carta, Wikipedia. (

John of England, Wikipedia. (

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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (Born July 18, 1918)

Nelson Nandela, Noble Prize. (

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William Murray, Lord Mansfield (March 2, 1705 – March 20, 1793)

Westminster Abbey, History: William Murray, Lord Mansfield. (,-lord-mansfield)


Javolenus Priscus (Born 60-70 ce)

The Roman Law Library. (

The Digest of Pandects of Justinian, Trans. by Samuel Scott (English). (


Qur’an (622 CE)

The Noble Qur’an. (


Oscar Romero (August 15, 1917 – March 24, 1980)

International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims, 24 March: Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. (

Online Books, Oscar Romero. (


Elizabeth Cady Stanton (November 12, 1815 – October 26, 1902)

Votes For Women, Selections from the National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection, 1848-1921, Library of Congress. (

Online Books, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. (

Women’s Rights National Historical Park. (

American National Biography Online, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. (

PBS: Not For Ourselves Alone, The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, A Film by Ken Burns. (


Jonathan Swift (November 30, 1667 – October 19, 1745)

Jonathan Swift, Wikipedia. (

Jonathan Swift, Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, 1711. (

Jonathan Swift Archive. (


Terence (Publius Terentius Afer) (195/4 BCE – 159 BCE)

Suetonius The Life of Terence. (

Archive of Performances of Greek & Roman Drama (Oxford), Introduction to …ancient Greek theatre. (

Terence, translated by John Sergeaunt, Volume 1 (The Lady of Andros, The Self-Tormentor, The Eunuch). (

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Xunzi (300 BCE – 230 BCE)

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Xunzi in Chinese (original layout, 1847). (